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Montessori Children Association

MCA is a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote the Montessori education among families with pre-preschool and preschool aged children.

MCA is affiliated with DMERA (Development of Montessori Education in Romania Association) and MIB (Montessori Institute of Bucharest), together supporting the Montessori movement in Romania.

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Our activity

Best services for your children

“The first step to independence”

Montessori Children Kindergarten works with Montessori trained staff at the highest international standard, being part in this manner of the world prestigious AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), familly, created by Maria Montessori herself, with the soul porpose to promote and guard the original method.

“Love. Respect. Knowledge”

Montessori Children Association announces the launch of Montessori Nest, the first program for early childhood Montessori education dedicated to the child’s first year of life.

Under our slogan “Love, Respect, Knowledge” please accept our invitation and stay with us to discover the fascinating world of the Newborn based on the Montessori philosophy approach.

More to come!

"Montessori Children" Kindergarten

”Montessori Children” Kindergarten is dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and is strongly invested in creating a unique, student-centered learning environment and helping families nurture respectful, responsible, and resourceful children. Our highly qualified, Montessori-certified guides foster a love of learning and help all our children reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace. We strive to educate the whole child and to inspire children to be caring, socially responsible participants both in our community and in the larger world.

Founded in 2012, ”Montessori Children” Kindergarten is a private education institution for toddler and preschool children ages 1 to 6 yo.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to provide a complete Montessori program which considers the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the total child by addressing the uniqueness of each in a nurturing, emotionally secure and academically excellent environment.

Every child is a treasure for humanity with great potential and because of this we believe:

  • The spirit/ psyche of the child in all its aspects needs great attention and care
  • All children need affirmation to have a positive self-image so they may know of themselves, "I am lovable and OK."
  • Children learn best in an environment of love, security, understanding, and consistency.
  • Education is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in which the child is a participant in his/her environment.
  • Children should be treated with respect.
  • Children need to be listened to in an atmosphere in which they feel safe in expressing dissenting view points.
  • Success builds confidence.
  • A spirit of cooperation rather than competition is the best atmosphere for learning.
  • Children need to learn how to think for themselves and how to solve problems in original and creative ways.
  • Children should be taught to respect the rights of others and to appreciate the contributions of all life.
  • Teachers should encourage and inspire children to do not only the minimum, but also their best.
  • Learning should be a happy, joyous experience!


Here at "Montessori Children" Kindergarten we believe that a respectful and dignified manner of behavior towards others and ourselves and our environment is the best way to build a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships. Here the children are free to be curios, to listen, speak, learn and search for challenges in a respectful manner. We strive for an authoritative environment and expect a graceful and courteous manner of expression from our team and our collaborators (small or big).


As guides for the children we steer each day we understand that we are usefull to the child as long as we involve and offer him opportunities to participate and give feedback. We nurture healthy partnerships where each can find a listening ear, acknowledgment and valorization.


We recognize everyone’s right to express his own opinions, to contribute, to participate, to create in his own unique way. We support the free, whole and harmonious development of individuality.


As people of this world, independence is most important to achieve. First it’s all about the functional independence and then the spiritual, integral independence. This is our main purpose as educators – guide the child towards his own total independence.


Education is fundamental for achieving social harmony, peace and cooperation between individuals and groups and has the power to positively transform humanity. All that we learn is lost if we do not use our knowledge as a tool for preserving and nurture human relationships and the environment. As a supreme virtue, love guides our steps unconditionally.

“From all things, love is strongest.” – Dr. Maria Montessori.

Welcome from the founder

It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without letting him feel her presence too much, so that she may always be ready to supply the desired help, but may never be the obstacle between the child and his experience.”– Dr. Maria Montessori


Mother, M.C.A President, M.C.E.C. Director, 0-3 year olds AMI Montessori Teacher, 6-12 year olds AMI Accredited Montessori Assistant

Welcome to our website!

MCEC is a place that prides itself on the family like atmosphere and authentic Montessori education that we offer to all our students and their families. I hope that you will be able to find here some information that will convey some of this quality to you.

Montessori Children Kindergarten was founded in 2012 by a mother. This mother was in search of a better world for her new child, in search of something unknown and never experienced by herself but good and pure in it’s core essence. She felt in her heart this energy but was not able to understand it or see it around her. She believed in it as this was HOPE. Than, one day, this energy took shape and had a name and that day she found her voice and her hope became real – Montessori.

Montessori Children Kindergarten strives to be a place of constructing the first necessary set of skills and abilities in our children for a natural, harmonious and independent development as full human beings, individuals of this present time and place.

The child today, stronger than ever, more aware than ever, more present and active than ever, is in need of a strong family setting and an even stronger and better prepared scholastic environment. From the first moment our children enter the world, they are in search of stabile reference-points that will guide them on their way towards adaptation to a new kind of world that they never experienced before. They come pure and untouched by prejudice and criticism and ready to receive whatever this new world has to offer. They are loyal and full of love, strong values that make their existence possible in the first years of life. It’s us, the adult in their life, that they look up to for guidance and knowledge, although their virtues are far more powerful than our own. That is why we here at MCEC believe that we must search always the means that will make us worthy of this honor and show the child, with humility, our best selves and offer to him our knowledge of the most beautiful aspects of life. Only than he will incarnate peace, love and empathy in their souls and offer them, in their own time, to the next generations.

Working together, young and old, we reach for that better world. We are partners in our search and witnesses to our common efforts. So we welcome you to join us in our journey towards independence!

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Educational Director, 0-3 yo

Specialist in early childhood education, psychologist and Montessori Teacher for 0-3 age group, 6-12 year olds AMI Accredited Montessori Assistant


Montessori primary teachers

Montessori Teacher Assistants


We here at “Copiii Montessori” Kindergarten are striving to create an authentic Montessori environment in accordance with Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogical theory and philosophy and that are protected and promoted by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

We, thus, offer to the children enrolled for our programs:

  • Montessori AMI accredited teachers for 0-3 and 3-6 year age groups
  • 2 Montessori environments for walking children aging from 1to 3 years of age
  • 2 Montessori environments for 3 to 6 yers old children
  • Montessori materials, specific to each age group
  • Intensive English programs for all children
  • Montessori counseling
  • Montessori info sessions for preparing a Montessori environment at home
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • A heathy, well balanced menu that includes fresh fruits and vegetables daily, everything prepared in our own kitchen

Our daily schedule is established so that it respects the basic principles of a Montessori specific classroom buildup:

  • Every child in our community benefits from an individual approach based on his individual needs and interests
  • The environment where the daily activity is taking place, follows the structure of a Montessori curriculum, based on the age group it addresses: practical life, sensorial, enrichement of language, math (3-6 yo), arts and crafts, sciences (3-6yo)
  • 3 hour individual work cycle for 3-6 yo classes and 2 hours individual work cycle for 1-3 yo classes
  • Group lessons (small or full groups) when children may learn grace and courtesy lessons, can discuss different daily situations in the environment, can listen/ read stories or poetry, can sing and dance etc.
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